6 Ways to Save the Earth this Earth Day

Earth Day is this Friday, April 22, and we have compiled a short list of things you can do to help make this world a little better on April 23rd and days after. 

1.  Go Meatless!  Cutting meat and cheese just 1 day a week for a year is equivalent to removing 7,600,000 cars off the road, if every American participated.  Pinterest is a great tool for finding meatless and vegan recipes and feel free to post your favorite in our comments for others to try out! 

2.  Consider fostering an endangered species to keep their habitats protected and around for years to come.  While organizations like WWF are vital, try to find smaller organizations that are doing great work as well who may need the money a bit more.  Our favorite is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (foster a baby orphaned elephant) and we currently foster 3 animals there.

3. Buy items that give back.  There are thousands of companies that are donating a large portion of their profits for the items they sell and this is a trend we are excited to see grow!  We recently posted about GlobeIn, a company that sends a monthly box of hand-made goodies from around the world that provides jobs, primarily to women, in poverty stricken areas, but we also like J Crew's Garments for Good, and don't forget to setup your Amazon Smile account!  Amazon donates %.5 of your purchase to the charity of your choice for simply buying things you already plan to buy!


4.  Educate yourself.  We are so fortunate to live in a world where we can learn anything about anything through the internet.  One of our favorite documentaries to air recently is called Racing Extinction.  National Geographic paired up with audio/visual artists and Tesla to bring awareness to major cities of species close to extinction.  It's a highly educational film and enjoyable to watch for all ages!

5.  Walk as many places as you can.  We are in Texas and unfortunately, our city isn't exactly conducive to walking.  This Friday, however, pledge to walk to a local business and enjoy the journey along the way.  Or ride your bike to a local farmer's market to stock up on fresh Spring produce for the weekend. 

6.  Sit outside for 1 hour.  This may seem crazy but sit outside for an hour and just listen to the world around you.  If you're in a major city, find a park to soak in the sun and wildlife.  Once you realize how much life is around us, it makes it a lot easier to advocate for change.  Try to pick out 5 sounds you haven't heard before and discover where they come from. 


We hope everyone has a wonderful Earth Day this year!